Pocket Talkbox is a musical instrument that combines pitch and human speech. A virtual voice is projected into the users' mouth; the sound is manipulated while the music is played. It sounds like a singing robot, and was designed to emulate the famous effect that Peter Frampton used to make his guitar talk.

Pocket Talkbox is a true musical instrument, played with twice the human touch of any app on the market. It's fun to play, nice to look at, and extremely impressive when performed.








A stage talkbox is basically a speaker with a long tube coming from it, into the mouth of the user. Only very specific tones produce the effect clearly, so synthesyzers and guitars are most commonly used. See the links page for some great demonstrations.

The concept for Pocket Talkbox came about, like all good things, around a campfire. A year later, it became a teacher's summer project, to learn and write the program, then eventually become good enough at the instrument to record the trailer.



"Pocket Talkbox Lets You Be a Funk Master From 1973."

"A unique human touch for a digital instrument." -Android Rundown


"Superbly executed." -Mike S. on Google Play 


"Fresh & reminiscent of a gang driveby in a car jacking neighborhood" -Kevin B. on Google Play


"What is great with mobile devices is when someone is coming up with new ways to use them- and here is one of them."