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Here are a few Pocket Talkbox performances with notes on screen to get you rockin!  View on YouTube to see settings in descriptions.

CALIFORNIA LOVE Pocket Talkbox Cover and Tutorial


PAPA WAS A ROLLING STONE Pocket Talkbox Cover and Tutorial


DAFT PUNK - AROUND THE WORLD Cover and Tutorial (Taken from the regular Tutorial but fast-forwarded to Daft Punk)

HOW TO TALKBOX by Lorenz Rhode - A Talkbox Jam about how to Talkbox. 

Here are some YouTube links to classic Talkbox performances (real, not the app!) that are worth checking out. Kindly report dead links.

Aruba, Spring Break, 1991. Sinbad's hosting and the Talkbox masters are here to party!! ZAPP!


The talkbox owes a fair amount of its popularity to Stevie Wonder. This is Papa was a Rolling Stone from Wonderlove, live 1973. Check out the whole concert if you can.


Don't forget about Ebony Eyes- a great track that's loaded with talkbox:


Daft Punk cover at it's finest.  For covering Daft Punk on Pocket Talkbox, I recommend Around the World  instead!


Talkbox overload!! A great cover of a great band- see below


This is the band: VULFPECK doing some Talkboxing.  Joe Dart and my home town heroes.



Haz Mat is the man. The 7:00 mark has a nice flow about clarity in your talkbox words.



A lot of people mistake the talkbox for a vocoder, which produces a similar sound, but is a very different instrument. The sound of your voice becomes digitally converted to the notes that you play. Here is Imogen Heap singing into a vocoder on Hide and Seek.



This clip is from 1944! The talkbox effect has been around a lot longer than most people realize.


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