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Warning! saliva can damage your phone. Do not touch your tongue to the speaker. If you think this has happened, power off your device and let it sit overnight.




It doesn't work- It's not picking up my voice.

You're doing it wrong!! You shouldn't be using your voice!!!

Please check the tutorial and make an effort to understand how a Talkbox works before saying it doesn't.


How do I open the settings menu?

Swipe the menu out from the little orange and blue arrow on the side of the screen. Swipe up from the edge to open/close it. The Android back button has been disabled in recent updates so this is the only way to open the menu on all devices.


What if my phone has TWO speakers?

If your device has more than one speaker, you will want to pan the sound to just the right or left speaker only, so ALL of the sound goes into your mouth. On either Android or iPhone, you can do this in SETTINGS - ACCESSIBILITY. Scroll down to the AUDIO BALANCE slider and set it all the way to R or L, depending on the location of the speaker you wish to use.


Can I use this for recording?

 YES! Your phone's voice recorder will work great on its own. Of course, an external mic is ideal- you might need to stand sideways, rather than directly in front of the microphone.  Even recording it through a laptop mic picks up pretty well.


What about using it live, with a microphone?

Solo, yes, but with a full band, probably not. Cell phone speakers just don't put out loud enough sound; there's no chance it'd be heard over a drum kit in any venue. Actual talkboxes are usually played extrememly loud, to the point where they have been known to cause teeth damage!


Can I get this on my tablet?

Not anymore, sorry.  It is meant for smaller devices.


The sound is delayed by a split second. Why is this happening?

This is a problem with some older Android devices. Some users may experience latency up to 300 milliseconds (usually less) but most should find the app to be very responsive. Thankfully, this issue is resolved in Android 9.0 and above.


Is there a risk that I could blow out my speaker?

A. It's never happened before and 5-note polyphony has been tested at max volume for up to two minutes on several different devices. Once I thought I blew the speaker of a test device but it turned out to be WET after a long practice session.  It was fine the next day.


For other questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the developer at vbtalkbox@gmail.com.